Twitter's Block on Unregistered Users Leads to 50% Drop in Twitter URLs on Google Search

You can’t imagine your life without Social Media Platforms. Be it Instagram or Twitter, they have become a part of our daily routines. Speaking of the Platforms, Twitter is one of the major Social Networking Platforms where users share their thoughts on various topics through tweets.

Although Twitter has become the hub of Personal views and beliefs, the latest change in Twitter’s accessibility has again caught the eyes of Tech Industries as well as Individuals that have kept their eyes on the platform.

The new Update in Twitter reduced the appearance of Twitter URLs on Google Search Engine down to nearly 50%. This not only reduced the visibility of Twitter’s content on the Search Engine for those who don’t have registered accounts but also deleted older tweets from the Search Engine.

Today in this Blog Post, you will get the know the outcomes of the Change and also you will be determine about the circumstances of Twitter that made them to block unregistered users from accessing tweets and how it has resulted in a substantial 50% drop in Twitter URLs on Google Search.

Reason behind the Change

Months after the company got handed over to billionaire Elon Musk; we have some major changes in Twitter’s features and its usage among users. Whether it was Selling Verification Blue Tick Badge to limiting the view of Tweets in Day. Users have seen multiple changes in the platform.

The latest change is implied due to enhance the privacy of the user and to gain control over their tweets. Twitter has applied a strict policy change by restricting unregistered users access to view tweets from registered users on their platform.

Before the change was applied, any User whether it was verified or not could view public tweets even without having a Twitter Account. This allows the viewer to take the information and use it as per their requirement.

But after the implementation of the new change the reduced the twitter URLs to appear on Google Search Engine to 50%, The Social Media Giant made it mandatory for Individuals to have a Twitter account in order to view tweets. We can assume that this step was taken to increase Twitter Sign Ups and create more and more new Twitter Accounts, this change might effect on its presence on Google.

The Impact on Twitter URLs on Google Search

As expected, the decision taken by Twitter to Block unregistered users from getting Tweets without an account has resulted in a drastic reduction in the visibility of Twitter URLs in Google Search. Before the change was applied, all the tweets were accessible to Google Search Bots and were comprised in the search engine’s Index that were making it easily available for search results.

However, by blocking unregistered users, Twitter has become a Wall between Tweets Content and Google Search Bots. The bots have no longer access to tweets and this results in a drop in the number of Twitter URLs that were indexed by Google.

Outcomes of the Change

Examined and Analyzed by VRD Creative, Twitter’s decision to Block unregistered users could be a step to enhance users’ experience and engagement, but the change has questioned the platforms’ visibility on Google and its Discoverability. Now when nearly 50% of the tweets were hidden from Google Search Index, the latest information that was shared on Twitter will also not reach as wider and wider an audience as they were before the change.

Also the move has questioned the impact on organizations related to news, marketing, business etc that rely on Twitter for getting information and engaging with audiences. The Reduced 50% Visibility on Search Engines Could Impact Brand Marketing, Outreach Potentially.


While the intention behind Twitter’s Block on unregistered users has led to a 50% drop in Twitter URLs on Google Searches, the result will also affect Twitter’s own visibility. While it was stated by Twitter that the change has implied to increase the privacy of the Twitter users across search engines, we could have to wait how Twitter will balance the Privacy Part and Discoverability in the near Future.

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