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The VRD Creative Marriage Portal's main objective is to provide future brides and grooms with an excellent matchmaking experience as they research the favourable circumstances and resources to meet their ideal partners. We also develop options that are advantageous to both the community and business. Our marriage portal construction integrates state-of-the-art features and functionality at an affordable price since we want to delight our clients. With this objective in mind, we will work with our clients to create an online matchmaking service that will have a global impact on millions of people.
Purpose for using VRD Creative Matrimonial Portals:

  • It helps the user by specifying profile for a prospective Bride or Groom and all the other information online.
  • Any user can get every info4rmation about their life partner at his/her home at their own convenience.
  • The portal will enable the user to search according to their own certain criteria of qualities as the portal will provide them with a search utility function.

It serves as a millions of bringing people from all over the world together on one platform, whether it be through a portal, website, or mobile application. VRD Creative Matrimonial Websites has evolved into a fundamental platform for marriages. Many more portals and apps have been established, and they are now playing a crucial role in society. In the present era, VRD Innovative Matrimonial Websites are playing a very essential function by allowing young people to choose their spouses in accordance with their own preferences.
Because it provides its customers with a highly efficient matrimonial app and portal, VRD Creative is regarded as one of the top companies for developing matrimonial websites. According to the specifications of our customer, our experienced developers create Matrimonial Software that incorporates Admin and User functions and is SEO friendly. We also create a solution that is beneficial to business. To meet the needs of our clients, we developed the VRD Creative Matrimonial Portal with features and functionality that can be had for a very reasonable price. Due to its user-friendly interface and confirmation email after a successful registration, the VRD Creative Matrimonial Portal Website will also enable new users to sign up.
The Portal will provide you with the following capabilities:

  • Admin Module
  • User Registration Module
  • User Login Module
  • Chat Box Module
  • Contact Us
  • Success Stories
  • Feedbacks
  • Image Uploading
  • Paid Memberships
  • Sending Personal Messages

When two people in a relationship love one another, marriage is a life adventure that transforms into a love journey. With the aid of the most recent cutting-edge technology, finding the ideal spouse has become simple. Hence, VRD Creative Marriage Portal development has emerged as a trend in the web platform in this age of modern technology where everything is accessible online. All castes, communities, and religions can find solutions with our VRD Innovative Marriage Site. Also, we produce a thorough matrimonial portal for prospective brides and grooms or marriage consultants to use our knowledge and experience in the VRD Creative Marriage Portal.
India's business for VRD Creative Matrimonial Portals is expanding quickly. People are increasingly socially active and make friends on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. in the current world. But, everything is now accessible online, so how can marriage be ignored in this technological age? Many today lack the time for their hectic lives. So, they use online matrimonial portals to find their life companion. The agents' duties have been eliminated by these VRD Innovative Marriage Portals, which provide all the information required to make the match that the parents of the interested parties are seeking. Creating top-tier matrimonial portals that produce the finest results for your websites is the specialty of VRD Creative, a matrimonial portal creation business. We take great pride in announcing that we successfully designed and created several matrimonial portals.


There are various benefits associated with the establishment of the VRD Creative marriage web, but we will pay close attention to the most significant ones. Without a doubt, these gateways have lightened the load. You have a better choice if you can find the proper match for a person among the many profiles they have amassed on their website.
Yet, the matrimonial platform has a straightforward and uncomplicated procedure. The first thing is that each portal requires registration. Those who wish to register for the site may do so by creating a personal profile. Nonetheless, users can browse all connected matched profiles after registering for a profile. In addition, we will explore various advantages of developing matrimonial portals, including:

  • Users can select their life partner on any criteria like religion, caste, city, or more.
  • Best source for marketing and advertising
  • The uploaded profiles get total security and privacy
  • The tremendous ascent in the commitment of the clients can be accomplished.


The elements you provide are crucial to the development of your VRD Creative Matrimonial Portal. The greatest secure and practical platform for people to find their ideal mates must first be provided by you. Also, a strong matrimonial site with the best features will help to boost user engagement. There are numerous matrimonial websites, including,, and To expand application functionalities, you can also seek the assistance of a VRD Creative Matrimonial Portal development business or VRD CREATIVE developers.

To be trustworthy among users, a perfect matrimonial portal development needs to have a variety of features. Nonetheless, our matrimonial portals have all the fundamental characteristics that are required. Plan to create a portal with engaging features as a result.


  • Login/Register
  • Verification of profile by contact details or email ID
  • Create the best possible profile
  • Choose preferences for partners
  • Upload your picture
  • Add Horoscope
  • Add personal, educational and other additional information
  • Browse profile with advanced search
  • Send requests to other users
  • Add any users in favourite list
  • View profile detail of the selected user
  • Download horoscope
  • Request photo and horoscope of any contact user
  • Chat with contact users
  • Give best packages of paid membership
  • Multiple payment modules
  • Save search8
  • Customer support


  • Notification
  • List Item Text
  • Manage invites
  • Dashboards
  • Customer profile verification
  • Manage customers
  • Manage promotions
  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • CMS integration
  • Manage rewards
  • CRM integration
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Manage profile of customers
  • Reporting & analytics


User Signup/ Login – Users get to register and generate a profile for themselves for better results. They have to register with and fill in the personal details in the asked portal. Users can set up their accounts by typing an email address, name, contact details, and other login credentials. Here, there are options where login integrated with social media sites.
Profile verification – Important features needed for the user’s identification. The profile verification is completed with the help of a mobile number or email.
Search Profile – However, this feature permits users to search for the prospects as per the likings as interest, like their location, occupation, community, etc.
Transfer your feature – This is also one of the best features that permit your users to add or transfer their features.
Add Horoscope – With these features, the user can match the Kundli with their interesting profile. Many users believe in the matching of Kundli, some not. However, if it means a lot to them, it must have these features.
Save favourite – Using these features, your app users will save the profile of the prospects interested in the portal. Then, however, they can easily visit the next time they open the portal.
Pin favourite – While moving through various profiles in the app, the users can also pin a particular profile to go through it later in a detailed manner.
Push notification – Users can easily update with various new features, discounts, and rewards. Suppose any new users or profile of their interest is updated in the app.
Chat with contacts – The involvement of chat API is crucial in a VRD Creative Matrimonial Portal development as it permits users to chat with other users. However, it is easier for people to initiate communication via chat as they find it convenient.
Social sharing – This is one of the essential features in the modern era. The features help users check the social profile of the interested person to know them better. It also helps them to check other person’s daily activities.
Rating and Reviews – Your audience can learn anything about your app by using review and rating tools. Having a place where app users may discuss their interactions with our services is essential.

Multiple payment modes – By including numerous payment methods, this functionality enables app users to make purchases quickly. Credit cards, debit cards, and other payment options all offer different multi-currencies. But, if they are considering the premium features of the portal, this can assist consumers anywhere make payments swiftly.
Information Security – This data security mechanism is included on all websites and software. Yet, it safeguards user data and information while safeguarding customer information.

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