Third-Party Organizations can review on Google Business Profile Listing

If you review Organizations and Individuals on Google then this article is for you. After resuming Third-Reviews in Google from the past decade, Google has finally allowed third-party organizations to review other organizations directly with their names.

Google Maps and Google Local are displaying third-party reviews on Google Business Profile Listings after implementing a pause on it from the last decade. Before that only individual was able to review organizations on the Google Business Profile Listing.

Mike Blumenthal, A user on X (Formerly Twitter) has shared a screenshot that has reviews on a Google Local listing where the reviews can be seen provided by HomeAdvisor, Best Company and other directly in Google listing. The key point on these reviews is that all of these are from third Party rather than an individual reviewer.

In 2011, Google paused third-party reviews from Google Maps Business local listings. From them the requirement of Google Promotion Agencies raised as organizations were using them to provide their feedbacks on Google Maps Business local listings.

Changes after Review Permission
From now onwards, after taking any service or Product from third Party, you can provide your feedback on the Product/Service as a Third-Party Organization on Google Maps Business Local Listings.
We hope that you are satisfied by the information. To get more updates and News related to Google, reach us at our Page. We always kept our eyes on google updates.

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